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Founded by Hamish Sewell, Soundtrails is a immersive geo locative audio app that drills down into the stories and voices that create a living portrait of a place. With hundreds of stories out on the Soundtrails platform and with a familiarity with a range of other geo locative apps, Hamish knows immersive audio storytelling today. He also knows Soundtrails has unique model of sound design, a genuine community focus, and its experience will last the test of time. 



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Hamish Sewell's audio productions have aired on national radio in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. He is an international award winning producer and his work has been adapted into a range of digital formats - from extended essays to digital place-making. Over the last two years he has produced two podcast series. 


On the Streets

Whether its bringing a former boarding house back to life, or quick release codes taking audiences through to animations on large black and white street posters: Hamish's work is about connecting us to place, or place-making, often through the simple act of listening at just the right spot. No matter the media deployed, it is the audio, the crafted stories, the voices, songs and sounds, that is the heart and soul of the experience.  

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With a background in working with national oral history projects and Soundtrails, Sewell's work has been forged through an  understanding of the value of community participation and engagement and quality audio production. In 2009, Hamish co-founded the Story Project based on the US StoryCorps which is a much loved conversation model of audio recordings, archiving and broadcast. Whether the Story Project, Soundtrails or radio production, Hamish's work supports people to come together to share and listen. In doing so, it helps communities celebrate their stories and become more resilient.  


Irrespective of technology, digital placement is first and foremost a human centered practice that is concerned with improving relationships between people and places. It embraces collaboration, a co-creation design approach and encourages community participation.
— Jo Reid, leading UK developers Calvium