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It all started... 2014 alongside a community project in New South Wales and at a time when smartphones and GPS capability was improving. Founded by Hamish Sewell, Soundtrails will soon have 14 sites in operation, from remote New South Wales through to south east Queensland. Soundtrails are free to download, affords a unique audio blueprint of a place and ranges thematically from sites of national significance - Myall Creek, or the up-and-coming Goonoowigall 'Aboriginal Fringe Camp' Soundtrail -  to intimate portraits of regional towns. Soundtrails are available both on-site and online and our small professional team are dedicated to the power of crafted audio and digital place-making.

Nowhere are stories more powerfully experienced than when heard on the site with our feet on the ground. The voices, the sounds and songs that bring the place alive and affords it meaning connect us with the world around us and those who come before us.
— Hamish Sewell

Why Audio?

First it was podcast, now it's 3d sound and geo locative media: audio storytelling is undergoing a quiet revolution. Walk, stop and listen to the sounds and stories that brings the  place alive. No need to look at your screen. These are rich stories produced by some of Australia's top producers with the voices from the people who've earned their stripes: funny, sad, highly immersive, assiduously researched and more than your average tourist guide. Soundrails is setting the bar for digital audio storytelling in Australia today.