Nambour Soundtrail

A layered trail of 17 stories with original music, ex Powderfinger's, and local boy, Jon Coghill as our narrator, and a mix of stories and local voices from old sugar town: from the lighthearted 'Nambour Trolley Boy' to beauty quests, to the significance of the 'end of the line' railway connection through to Brisbane. This is hipster heritage at its best.

Check out this story located outside the railway station. 

Partners: Sunshine Coast Council Heritage

Myall Creek Soundtrail


The Myall Creek Soundtrail was one the first in the Soundtrail mix. It depicts a complex and compelling story based around the Myall Creek massacre in 1838 - a story which is still today unfolding. It was done in collaboration with the Friends of the Myall Creek Committee and leads visitors from the carpark to the memorial stone. 

The story below is one of 15 stories and reflects the prevailing culture of silence on massacres in Australia today, and how the Myall Creek site now represents all the other massacre sites that go largely unacknowledged. It mixes interviews from friends of the Myall Creek Committee in with footage from the yearly memorial day in June. 

Partners: Friends of Myall Creek Committee & Gwydir Shire Council

Armidale Catholic Precinct

The Catholic Precinct Soundtrail is a playful and auditory experience around one of New England's most significant historic sites. The work is the culmination of work between producer, Hamish Sewell, and the Wee Gaii (gifted) Aboriginal students from the Armidale Catholic diocese. It explores the history of the site, from the makings of the cathedral and convents to the Ursuline nuns and Bishop Torregiani: to a broader exploration of the connections between the Catholic church in Armidale and the Aboriginal community. 

Here's a lighthearted piece by the kids outside the former Bishop headquarters. 

Partners: Catholic Schools Armidale

The Soundtrails team are passionate about capturing and telling of stories of people and places and have done an amazing job. We love the Soundtrails app and want to see it continue to grow. We think this is the direction where tourism is heading. We’ve currently got three Soundtrails in our area and we’ll soon have more.
— Georgia Standerwick. Marketing and Promotions Manager, Gwydir Shire Council