About Hamish Sewell


Hamish Sewell has studied at UTS in Sydney and at the University of Queensland. He has a bachelor in communications, first class honours and a masters in creative writing. He was shortlisted for the Premiers Literary Awards in 2009 and from 2000, when he produced his first radio piece, The Interminable Son, he has worked with audio ever since. He has also worked on a number of national oral history projects. In 2014 Hamish founded the geo locative audio project as a response to the direction radio was going in Australia and the work he was doing in regional NSW. In late 2018 Hamish will be undertaking a recce into the world of immersive audio in the UK. Here he will be meeting fellow audio storytellers, artists, writer, academics and developers, as well as testing some of the leading apps available. He will be presenting his findings upon his return.