The Nambour Variety Show

A crafted audio, community podcast done on a shoestring budget. From a town searching for some answers to the 'Who are we?' question. A colourful cast of character, a highly original mix of characters, street footage and well earned hilarity. The NVS serves as a model for low budget, high production community audio place-making.

… from the vox pop elements (loved the wino guy!) to the more dramatised Aunty Doreen script, which reminded me of Alana Valentine’s audio piece on Redfern (high praise!). The original music also gave it a lovely touch. The depth of research - so many diverse interviewees - combine to give you a real feel for Nambour’s social history. I loved the stories of the seasonal sugar cane rituals, the smell etc. And the sense of contemporary Nambour was captured too - gritty and colourful.
— Siobhan McHugh, Award winning radio producer and consulting producer, Phoebe’s Fall podcast.


Self Directing

Hamish's second podcast series, this is a five parter exploring the world of self managing/directing from people who are living with disabilities or those who are supporting them. With the rollout of the national disability insurance scheme as backdrop, Self Directing is a intimate window into a lesser heard side of disability today. Going to air in the second half of 2018.
Listen here to a teaser with Jim, Connie and Illene Young: