The Cartographer's Confession: UK trip - Geo Loc audio: Feb/March 2019 - Blog 1

The video below is the first in a series where I reflect on UK geo locative audio projects that I’ll be doing on the ground - how lucky am I! I hope these blogs may be useful material for geo locative audio aficionados, wanna-be place-makers, digital historians (yikes!) or all you great audio producers out there who know there’s more to audio storytelling now than broadcast radio and podcasts. For this is surely a rich field for audio storytellers. This blog is recorded from my airbnb in East Putney, London, so be warned, and is focused on the Cartographer’s Confession. The CC is a work of fiction by writer James Attlee. It was commissioned by the Ambient Literature team, as one of a number of projects that are exploring ways the novel can be reworked into a digital place-based mobile experience. The CC is a richly layered sound experience that takes us into the post war years of London through the eyes of a boy who is searching for his mother - and it is so much more! It takes listeners (participants? - what exactly are we, the ‘users’ in relationship to a story that draws us in on so many levels? whether through voice, the primary vehicle, music, sounds, images, text or photos) around the banks of the river Thames and into a many layered location by way of history, cultures and waves of immigration: a site rich and ready for the imagination. It starts off at the Tate Modern, just across from where many refugees were ‘processed’ in the post war years, and then moves to different locations, even crossing the river. While James said it should take around 4hrs it took me considerably longer partly because I was so new to London and I wasn’t shy of veering off when something interesting called. I hope this blog is read less as a critique and and more by way of a constructive reflection, spelling out what’s going, where things are happening, and what sort of different approaches producers, creatives and developers are taking in this new and creatively fertile field.

This opportunity to come to the UK and explore such projects was made possible for me thanks to the support from the Queensland Government, Arts Qld and my friends and family - you guys rock!.

So here goes: my first attempt at this… Hamish