UK blog #2: Battersea Power Station heritage walk

Below is my second blog based on my experience doing the geo locative heritage walk around what has been one of London’s most iconic industrial landmarks on the banks of the river Thames. It is a clean and easy to use app experience and comes at the first stage of a multistage (huge) redevelopment of the site - at times I felt like I was partaking in a redevelopment PR exercise. The experience took me a little less than forty minutes, follows a clear route, with limited opportunity to deviate, and delves into the history of the site and the architecture of the mammoth smoke stacks etc. This is undoubtedly one of London’s most amazing sites and to stand on site is awe inspiring. The walk is GPS triggered. Stories are read by one narrator and are accompanied with some great archival images. There are also additional popup questions as well as a brief AR experience.

Please note: this opportunity to come to the UK and explore such projects was made possible thanks to the support from the Queensland Government, Arts Qld and my friends and family.