Audio blog #3 UK geo locative audio

In this audio blog, the third instalment on my trip in the UK, I discuss my meeting with oral historian and place-based geographer, Toby Butler where we talk hops and east London seasonal workers: my conversation with Matt Adams from Blast Theory; a broader discussion of the two geo-locative apps Fixing Point (by Blast Theory) and Consent (by Chris Brookes in Canada) both of which I argue are taking journalism in the directions of geo locative storytelling and pose new and important models; a meeting with audio journalist Abigail Wincott from Falmouth University. I also discuss testing out the app Letters/Locioscope at Dartington in Devon and a meeting today with Emma Whittaker who has a PhD in locative narratives, is the creative behind Letters, and worked closely with James Attlee on the Cartographers Confession.

Many thanks to Arts Queensland and my friends and family for supporting this trip. I’m finding out heaps!