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UK Trip: presenting at QUTBrisbane

May 17 QUT: The venue is KG-Z9-607. 1-2pm

As digital technology enables us to move in and out of audio on location, producers and artists are responding to the new ‘storied space’ in a variety of ways. Join Hamish Sewell, independent audio storyteller, podcaster and founder of the geo locative project, Soundtrails (, as he discusses his latest study trip to the UK. Here he explored some leading geo locative projects and met with leaders in the field. From ‘experience designers’ to slow journalism to ambient literature: Hamish will discuss his findings, the current trends, opportunities and roadblocks in this new and exciting field. Hamish Sewell is a location-based audio storyteller, an international award-winning radio documentary maker, a podcaster and the founder of the geo locative audio project, Soundtrails. The Soundtrails project spans 13 locations in northern NSW, operates on a commercial basis and is now moving into Queensland.

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Podcast workshop, Old Ambulance Station, Nambour

May 26 & June 9: 10am-2pm

Podcasts are exploding via digital media and streaming services. Thanks to digital streaming and an extraordinary range of different kinds of shows available, podcasts afford one of the most intimate listening environments today and a unique opportunity for organisations and businesses to showcase their stories. They can be listened to anytime and in a multitude of places and space: from planes and trains to automobiles. In Australia alone, according to the ABC, listeners are tuning in on average for 6.5hrs a week. Join international award winning radio veteran, locative audio storyteller and podcaster, Hamish Sewell, at the Media Makers Studio at the Old Ambo in Nambour for a two-part workshop on Podcasting. This is designed to clarify what’s going on in the world of podcasts and for you to learn the practical steps to getting started.  


Workshop One, 26th of May. Laying the Ground, will cover the essential things you need to know: from a short study of podcasts, to developing your ideas, to essential equipment, audio production tools, to podcast hosting platforms and marketing.

Workshop Two, 9th of June. Developing Practical Skills, will take a hands-on first-steps approach to building your podcast. From drafting your scripts, to basic microphone and audio handling skills, to recording audio and using a multi-track editor

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Coming up: Nanango Soundtrail

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